We are always happy to support local products and small entrepreneurs and this is why upcoming holidays represent a great way for people to shop something different, something unique and authentic.

We asked Dario Ceccarelli, a Brussels-born of Italian origin and one of the founders of Belgibeer to tell us why he proudly suggests his beerbox as a great Christmas present?

I believe that many people have passion for local culture, beer heritage and community spirit. Belgibeer is one of these companies which aims to give a chance to the world to taste the best craft beers which Belgium has to offer. We work only with small and medium-sized local breweries, creating distinct beer boxes every month, delivered to your home. Boxes always come with some great stuff such as beer glasses, our own magazine about local producers of craft beers, bottle-opener and other goodies.

For this Christmas, Dario recommends exactly that – a beerbox with Belgan craft beers! He claims that this will be “the best Belgian xmas present” for anyone who likes quality beer and underlines his philosophy:

Belgibeer is not about discovering thousands of Belgian beers. It’s about discovering the great Belgian beer heritage which survived through the centuries. It’s about educating people to drink less, but better, just like Belgians do!

To check Belgibeer’s Christmas offer, head to their website and make someone happy with a great authentic present!