WeLoveBrussels is a community of people who love the city! We are more than 50.000 people across different social media channels. We share the common passion for Brussels and we believe that our city needs to be loved. Being aware of all the problems as well as of (many) prejudices about Brussels, we are convinced that people who love this city need to be connected and act together in building a better image of Brussels, a well as building a better city itself! Citizens are co-creators of modern cities and our digital community wants to contribute to a more sustainable, innovative, creative, entrepreneurial and smarter city.

Our platform is a channel and a tool to share what people love in the city, giving individuals a strong voice and a powerful network of other passionate people who amplify these positive vibrations through the whole city and beyond!

City experts & digital influencers

WeLoveBrussels is a community of people who love the city. It is also a community of digital influencers, urban enthusiasts and experts from different fields who all share a passion for Brussels.

Our Brussels influencers & city experts are diverse – instagrammers, photographers, twitter activists, urban researchers & academics, bloggers about food, fashion, mobility, design, culture, architecture and many other subjects. WE ARE THE CREATORS, WE ARE CURATORS, WE ARE THE CREATIVES, WE ARE THE INFLUENCERS.

We regularly feature and promote members on our website and social media channels, but new prospective members can always apply if they wish to be invited into our pool of experts. We often work together with selected members, in order to plan projects, common initiatives and other digital actions.

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We support!

WeLoveBrussels is all about love and support for the city and its people! We are an innovative social communication platform with a huge online audience and dedicated community.

We love supporting cultural institutions/organizations and other non-commercial initiatives. Do you have a project, news or an initiative that needs to be shared and promoted?  We offer our support for FREE to the selected institutions and organizations. Contact us if you think that your project/initiative fits into our vision and let’s see if there is a possibility to partner up.

Unfortunately we have limited resources and capacities and cannot help to each and every applicant, but we strongly encourage you to get in touch and share your idea. We are especially focused on partnering up with organizations/institutions/people from following fields:

  • Culture & Arts
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Entrepreneurship & start-ups
  • City thinkers, urban innovations & trends, urban reasearchers and explorers
  • Sustainable & green city
  • Creative city

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Update: Unfortunate recent events in our city are just yet another reason to show our strong support and affection to Brussels. WeLoveBrussels will continue to play an important role in building a positive image of Brussels and spreading love and good energy along all its inhabitants and visitors.