Do you love history and the way it enriches our experience of a certain city, country and society? Brussels and Belgium are full of interesting stories, some of them less known to the wider public. We got in touch with Nicolas de Potter, who is (among other things) the author of the book ‘Louis de Potter: Revolutionary reporter’ and he decided to share part of his personal and family story with WeLoveBrussels readers. You wonder what this book is about? Here is a hint:

He is not Harry! He is not a rabbit of Beatrix! This magic and romantic Potter is an ancestor of Tintin, the Brussels reporter. A rebellious journalist who triggered a revolution, with an army of brave artists and mysterious publishers, in Paris, Rome, Geneva, Bonn or Bruges.

He wrote adventures with a bird’s feather, a shaky paper, on horseback, like lonely Lucky Luke, but saving poor families like Robin Hood against the King. With editors as soldiers, he obtained freedom of the press, voting and genders’ rights, food and school for kids, plus a new country. Orchestrated by the greatest actors in 1830, here is the true story of the tough beer pots vs. fragile champaign glasses, raised for a beautiful dumb lady, singing a forbidden opera…

And what does Nicolas say about himself and motivations for writing?

I love Brussels and Belgium! Originally from Bruges, father of 6 children, I live in Brussels since 1968. I’ve been cycling every day for 14 years. After studying in Antwerp and Dallas, I worked for 30 years in different fields: Real estate, European affairs, diplomatic world and communication. Following a health concern, since 2005 I have participated in the writing of 7 books on the ”De Potter” family: (1) The adventures of Louis de Potter, international journalist who was the driving force behind the creation of Belgium in 1830. It was sold in 3,000 copies in bookshops and obtained some 100 articles of press and blogs! (2) The adventures of the son of Louis, a friend of General Lafayette, were sold in 25,000 copies in the USA and (3) they are now sold in Belgium in Dutch as well in 2,000 copies. (4) The adventures of Jean de Potter, a youth resistant during World War One, were sold in 1,000 copies. (5) The continuation of the adventures of Louis de Potter in English are ready and will be published in 3,000 copies at the beginning of the school year. (6) The adventures of Jan de Potter, defender of the City of Brussels in 1570 against the bloodthirsty Duke of Alba, are ready and will be published soon in 1,000 copies. (7) The continued adventures of Louis de Potter in Dutch will be released at the end of the year in the Netherlands and Belgium in 3,000 copies.

Now 2017, here is the peak of my rebellious writing. Journalist Louis de Potter was the leader of the Brussels revolution and independence of Belgium in 1830. We share the same interest for press freedom, same appeal for equal citizens’ rights and same name; But he keeps revolting my cousins and peers…! During seven years, I sorted loads of archives and consulted many sources.

Do you have a friend or family member called De Potter? If so, feel free to put me in touch with them and we will write a book together. Beware, it only cost money, until …! It has become a specialty and a hobby. Have a look at the front cover, these guys are just such weird watching wizards made in Brussels across ages! Last but not least, here is a special offer for the readers of We Love Brussels: if you are interested in discovering the whole story of Louis de Potter, you can buy a book on the website below and in addition you will receive the free “press book” with a hand-written thank you note by the co-author!

More info on the book: