We continue with our creative maps series! So far we published the map of Flagey, and now it’s time for St Catherine’s area! Our contributor Zsofi draws maps of different neighborhoods of Brussels and shares what’s hot in each of the selected areas. St Catherine neighborhood is centrally located, equally popular with locals and tourists. Rue Dansaert offers great shopping opportunities, especially for those who are more into independent brands and younger designers. Fish Market area is known for great restaurants and is especially popular during summer months when Brusseleirs and tourists stroll around cafe bars and fountains near St Catherine’s church.

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Also, if you have ideas for new maps and illustrations, you can get in touch with us or Zsofi directly. In case you missed it, check our updated map with best coffee spots in Brussels.

Zsofi Lang (@zldrawings) is an illustrator based in Brussels. She likes to visualize complex ideas in simple ways, mostly in the form of hand-drawn infographics, maps, or live drawing at conferences. She loves architecture, history and little-known facts about Brussels, so if you have any, send them her way. You can learn more about her at her website.