In the aftermath of Brussels attacks in March many campaigns and initiatives have been started in our city. WeLoveBrussels is happy to follow these activities and report on all local campaigns which aim to repair the broken image (and economy) of Brussels.

BXL campaign logo

A lot of shops, restaurants, bars and other stores in Rue Antoine Dansaert, display the nicely designed heart stickers ‘BXL’, showing their love for the city and spreading the positive spirit in the neighbourhood. The red ‘Love BXL’ stickers can also be found in many surrounding streets in the Dansaert area, which is one of Brussels’ busiest districts for shopping and leisure time.

DSC_3516 DSC_3514

The sticker campaign is an initiative of shopkeepers Carine Lauwers and Lieve Buyse. In an interview for TV Brussel, they said that they want to “cover the city with hearts” and they hope that more stores will adopt their campaign.

DSC_3510 DSC_3524

WeLoveBrussels believes that this is a wonderful example of a bottom-up initiative, where citizens, small businesses and other local stakeholders show their attachment to Brussels and take part in rebuilding the attractivness of the city. These kind of organic, citizen-led initiatives, have always the best effect for boosting the image of Brussels.

If you are interested to learn more about this campaign, visit their Facebook page – Discover Dansaert.