An interesting idea from newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo has caught alight on social media. The initiative is called #DiningForBrussels and asks Belgians to go to Brussels and help boost restaurant businesses after the March 22 attacks in the Capital. Johan Condijts, Editor-in-Chief of l’Echo magazine has a clear message – “Fear cannot take over our values, our lifestyle and our economy”.

Initiators claim that the idea will support struggling Brussels restaurants by going for a meal in downtown Brussels in solidarity with them. Some of the restaurants blame the new pedestrian zone for their problems although security remains the main concern in last months. The unfortunate events in November terror lockdown and the Brussels attacks on 22nd of March have made a serious economic damage to the HORECA sector.

Bruzz reports that companies are targeted by this campaign, and they’re encouraged to leave their boardrooms  and plan their meetings during business lunches in Brussels restaurants. After the meal, people are asked to show their support by sharing a picture of their empty plate, with their cutlery making the peace sign, along with the hashtag #DiningForBrussels. The action is meant to transmit a message: “To all CEOs who want ask their employees to plan their business meetings on their lunch break, to all Brussels-lovers, to fans of restaurants, to bloggers and politicans. Go out and eat in Brussels.” The campaign was launched in collaboration with the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and ad agency Famous.

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