Can Brussels be considered a free state of free minds? You might be wondering, what am I trying to say exactly? 🙂  I recently stumbled upon a very interesting article about the Brussels music scene (mainly alternative) on the website of Subbacultcha, an independent subscription platform devoted to emerging music and art.

Apart from dealing with music scene, the author Niels Latomme had several observations which are worth noting. He calls Brussels a “perverse, poetic, chaotic and fragmented city, historically a crossing point, a free state of free minds and a victim of crappy rural politics.”

A lot of people in Brussels would probably agree with this statement as many locals feel this “duality” and contrasts.

Photo (c) Maxime Servais

The author also recommends some of his favourite spots in the Forest and St Gilles, if you would like to experience this Brussels communes like a local!

“I live in Forest, and the Parvis de Saint-Gilles – an oddly shaped market with a lot of nice bars – is just around the corner. Check L’Union and Brasserie Verschueren. On Saturdays it’s fun karaoke night at Brasserie de Parvis. For records, around the corner of Brasserie Verschueren you’ll find Arlequin, a second hand record shop.  I’m very fond of the many Portuguese bars and restaurants, their cheap food, Super Bock beer and great coffee. For Italian, you have Momo at Place de Bethlehem; 100 metres further is La Tricoterie, which serves great brunch on Sundays. My favourite bakeries are Marléne in Sint-Gilles and the Small Portuguese bakery at Av. Wielemans Ceuppens. Have a beer in the crappy Bar a Nelson at the other side of the avenue or in the Parc de Forest. Wiels is around the corner as well. An old man in mind, I am a sucker for classic Brussels spaces like Mokafé in the Galerie du Roi, Cirios at the Beurs, Daringman and Laboureur.”

Head to Subbacultcha website to read the whole article about the Brussels music scene and discover some of the other interesting arts-related content. Worth bookmarking 🙂