The Arts Society Brussels finishes this season with an interesting lecture – A Detective Story: Decoding Meanings in Paintings. Lecture aims to inspire the participants to learn more about ways of decoding the paintings and better understanding of technique, colour, space, light and shade, composition and symbolism.

The Arts Society Brussels (operating name of BRIDFAS asbl) is a Member Society of The Arts Society, founded in 1985 with the aim of enhancing the appreciation of arts in all its aspects, making it accessible to all with a core value of bringing people together. As governments remove funding, The Arts Society and its members are standing up and reminding everyone that art is all-important and that we all have our part to play by helping more people understand, appreciate and love the arts.

The upcoming lecture will be the last this season and will take place on Thursday, 31st May at 8.00 p.m. at the Woluwé-St-Lambert Town Hall. The lecturer Lydia Bauman will be talking about a very interesting topic, Art: A Detective Story – Decoding Meanings in Paintings.

Dr. Florian Schweizer, Chief Executive of The Arts Society will be joining the Brussels chapter and running the 10K marathon in Brussels with the aim of raising awareness of The Arts Society, expressing the statement that everyone’s life is influenced by art and hoping to raise money for charitable projects of the society.

If you want to attend the lecture or want more info on joining The Brussels Arts Society, visit the website