Global media are writing about Brussels activist whose novel effort to spruce up Brussels seems to be a blooming success. Turning potholes into flower pots obviously created a positive buzz and hopefully this will also lead to some of them being repaired by the relevant authorities.

Monocle magazine called it a ‘Flower Power‘ in their daily briefing, noting that one man’s green revolution is gathering steam in Brussels and forcing authorities to pay attention to the problem of damaged roads.

Brussels-based Anton Schuurmans, who moved to the Belgian capital from Holland seven years ago, has been quietly protesting the poor conditions of the city’s streets by planting flowers in potholes. Instead of ignoring the problem that’s been bothering pedestrians, cyclists and drivers for years, Schuurmans decided to take matters into his own hands, with some help from his green thumb. Colourful spring flowers have been popping up all around the city and they’re having a positive effect. Not only are they bringing some (temporary) greenery to the city centre, it seems they’ve also finally begun to shame the council into getting its act together – so far at least one pothole has been repaired.

Reuters wrote that “Anton Schuurmans, 29, is going around the Belgian capital city filling potholes with flowers to highlight what he said is the poor condition of the city’s roads.”


ABC News also reported that “residents in Brussels are so fed up with potholes, an activist is taking it upon himself to make the streets a little more colorful.” ABC also posted the following video on their website:

Photos: Twitter