We explore inspiring housing projects in Brussels and our first story is about D44.be XS House renovation. The idea is to show the house before and after and give you some examples of beautiful and innovative urban living solutions.


The project included an adaptation of a small house of about 120 square meters and four meters wide and its transformation into a comfortable home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a toilet on each of the three levels, and a spacious living room. The concept revolves around the idea of autonomous boxes placed carefully in the volume of the house. These boxes create independent entities within the house – stairs, bathrooms, storage areas. project -D44.be

Facade before and after

Because the house is very small, only 395 cm wide, we wanted to open the living room to the garden.

In the kitchen we have an island where everything is located, small but very practical.

Entry halls are one mystery with a library and with hidden doors to the parts where the bedrooms are located.

In the main bedroom there is a bathtub, this was once a passage room with stairs to the attic.

The facade has been preserved, there are only windows that have been changed.

D44.be is led by Agnieszka [aˈɡɲɛʂka] GANSINIEC Architect Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in housing, commercial, as well as specialized industrial architecture.