What’s the best and easiest way to travel from your home to Brussels Airport in Zaventem? There are a lot of options – driving your personal car, taking a taxi/Uber, or taking a train/bus.

Luckily, Brussels has a new option of getting from the city to the airport thanks to a very attractive offer of DriveNow carsharing. It is now possible to look at the app on your phone, find and reserve a nearby DriveNow car (15 mins before you want to start your trip) and drive to the airport without any hassle. You don’t have to worry about parking a car, since DriveNow has a designated area at P3-Holiday Parking, level 2. You will find the parking card in the car (so no need to take a ticket). You will not have any parking costs since all the costs are already included in the Drive’n Fly rate (a standard rate of 0.33ct/0.36ct per minute + a service fee of €10 applies when you pick up or drop off a car at the airport).

This process functions the same way if you decide to use DriveNow once you are back in Brussels: just go to P3-Holiday Parking (reserve the car first via your mobile app) and start your ride back to Brussels!

Efficient & cheaper – Here is a simple calculation, we did our math: If we leave from our place (KVS, Theatre Flamande, Yser) in the center of Brussels it would take us around 22 minutes to get to the airport. Looking at the app, the nearest DiveNow car was parked in the Rue Laeken, which is 3 minutes walk from where we were located.

To make this calculation even more realistic, we added some additional 10 driving minutes on top of projected trip duration. We also added 10€ service fee for dropping off the car at the airport. The calculation is clear: 22′ + 10′ = 32 minutes of driving x 0,33c per minute = 10,56€ + we added 10€ service fee for dropping off the car at the airport. This gets us to the total amount of 20,56 € which is certainly a much cheaper option than other convenient transport services and is especially suitable (comfort + flexiblity!) when you travel with family or friends.

Here’s another idea –  Are you going on holidays with your friends? Why not take DriveNow, pick up your friends and head together to the airport in style! Thanks to DriveNow, traveling from the city to Brussels Airport can be easier, faster and even more fun! 🙂

You want to know the best part? DriveNow gives you a liberty to use it wherever you are – if you are traveling to any of these 12 EU cities (Stockholm, Helsinki, Vienna, Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, London, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf or Milan) you can continue using DriveNow cars the same way as you would in Brussels!

Why not try DriveNow for FREE!

WeLoveBrussels gives you a chance to register for free + get 20 free minutes! Don’t miss this chance to enjoy one of the best ways to move around the city!

On top, DriveNow gives you a little Christmas gift – between the 21-24 December, if you pick-up a car at the airport, DriveNow pays for the 10€ airport service fee!

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