Many LEGO fans in Brussels  would be happy to see soon the statue of Manneken Pis as one of the new LEGO sets. But don’t get excited too fast – there is a very long and rigorous procedure that all new ideas have to pass, in order to become an officially accepted design and start being produced and sold by LEGO. The company allows the fans to propose new models and designs, create convincing project descriptions and then invite other people to support it. Only those projects which get 10.000 votes will be reviews by LEGO’s team and eventually be accepted as a new model/set.

Peter Antens, who is a big LEGO fan decided to put Belgium on the LEGO map by proposing a new set dedicated to Manneken Pis.

“As a big fan of the LEGO Architecture series and a citizen of this country, I wanted to see a representation of Belgium in one of the official LEGO sets.  Since I have never seen one yet, I decided to create it!  This is my take on “Manneken Pis”, Belgium’s most beloved statue. I need to reach 10 000 votes before this new set can enter the approval process. So I need all the help I can find from other LEGO fans.”

If you would like to vote for this new project, please visit this link. The process is simple, just create an account on LEGO website and vote!