Brussels Academy, the urban and citizen university, enters into its forth year from September 22, with a new agenda. Making city together requires to create a platform of quality knowledge-sharing on urban issues. That is the goal of the Brussels Academy and the new season promises lots of interesting events and debates for all those who want to learn more and participate in the re-thinking problems and trends in our city.

During the day:

  • On Fridays at the Maison des Cultures in Molenbeek: in the morning, Prof. Riccardo Petrella (UCL), the great thinker and globalisation analyst, will outline his vision of the current forms of globalisation. He will invite us to collectively reflect upon the necessary changes at the cycle of conferences-debate entitled : “QUELLE HUMANITE?“.
  • During lunchtime: participatory meetings around the question of the MEDIAS IN BRUSSELS with the major players of the Brussels world media (in collaboration with ULB, VUB, USL-B, Tout Autre Chose, Médor, Bruzz, Le Soir, DaarDaar…).
  • In the afternoon, Prof. Christian Vandermotten (ULB), one of our most experienced professors, will guide us at the DECOUVERTE DES DIVERSITES DE BRUXELLES with a new series of excursions.
In the evening:
  • Once a month, the convivial meeting point will take place at the Beursschouwburg for the StadsSalonsUrbains: a cycle about the ALTERNATIVE URBAN ECONOMIES, provided by researchers from Manchester, Amsterdam Liverpool and Newcastle.
  • Our cycle of monthly conferences at BOZAR, the AGORA URBAN MASTER CLASSES, will invite three renowned speakers, starting with visionary architect Luc Schuiten who will present his very realistic vision of the utopian cities.
  • A wide public debate entitled “BYE BYE RING ROAD” will be conducted in Kaaitheater and will inaugurate four workshops concerning possible urban developments of the Ring Road.
  • And a whole lot more…
You will find all the details on the website of Brussels Academy. Come to hear, share, think, make the city together!