We love spoiling our community!

Last Saturday (8th of July) Sterkmans Events and Neuhaus organized a chocolate workshop!  WeLoveBrussels had 6 places to offer to our dedicated digital community for a chance to learn everything about chocolate + to make your own!

Moreover, the workshop was held in a very special and exclusive venue – Royal Galleries in Brussels and we were happy to share this wonderful experience with part of our community! For some of the very interesting testimonials from our participants, scroll down!

If you are interested to learn more about organizing chocolate workshop for groups in Brussels or other special activities, visit the website of our partner Sterkmans Events, specialists for group events in Brussels since 1998!

What our participants think:

The workshop. Or better yet THE workshop.
First of all, what better location than smack in the middle of the prime piece of Brussels’ real estate-meets-history? The Galerie de la Reine always leaves me breathless… and I pass through often!
What a privilege it was the really get to know Chocolate right next to the birthplace of the praline. And to get all the info from a real Neuhaus Chocolatier was the proverbial cherry on the… I would say cake but moelleux seems so much more appropriate.
I forgot his name… but let’s just call him the God of Chocolate, the GoC. Is there anything this Font of Chocolaty Wisdom doesn’t know about the brown gold? I challenge anyone to try and ask him something to do with the Dark Divinity that is Chocolate he doesn’t immediately have an answer to. It was great to learn about cocoa beans, their butter, the different regions and their specific tatstes.
But of course, my main focus was getting my hands dirty myself (if only figuratively speaking since we got gloves), create my own piece of art and get to dig in to all L’ Atelier de Neuhaus has to offer.
I was not dissappointed. Well, maybe a little bit when the GoC noticed some lines in my chocolate bar and broke the horrible news to me that this means my hands are a little too hot to work with chocolate. Farewell, my chocolatier dreamjob!
Just joking. I’d gladly leave the making of the stuff to someone else as long as I get to eat it.
We got to make our own chocolate bar, cat fingers (the French name “langes de chat” being so much more approrpriate and imaginative) and decorated Triangle pralines. And everything we made… WE GOT TO TAKE HOME! 260grams of Neuhaus Goodness… omnomnom!
The Triangles were maybe the only thing that would have made the workshop a 5-star one instead of a mere 4,9-star one… we only got to decorate it. I would have loved to actually make one. But two days later – when I finally gave in an actually ate the ones I decorated after sneaking a peek and taking in their sheer beauty everytime I walked passed the fridge – I actually realised all the layers and work and craftsmanship that go into these Triangles. And again I was quite happy to just eat the praline I decorated instead of munching through the mess I surely would have created if I’d had to make it.
That same afternoon I treated some friends and family to the cat fingers I’d made and they were a huge success!
Now, 2 weeks later, my Neuhaus Chocolatier Chef’s hat has been put away for when I ever have the courage to do some chocolatiering at home, but I still look at MY chocolate bar from time to time (Ofcourse I haven’t eaten it yet! It is way too pretty.) and I can’t wait to join in the next workshop at L’Atelier.

Thank you, WeLoveBrussels for the superb morning, lovely company, awesome experience and weight gain. I don’t regret it one bit(e). Eva

I am so happy that I got the opportunity to participate at the workshop! I would like to thank you for the amazing workshop! It was really interesting and making our own chocolate was an awesome experience. Karolina

I would like to thank you for the opportunity of participating in the workshop, I had a great time! The information we got was very interesting, there was a nice variety of the things we did and I thought the amount of chocolate we could taste during the workshop and that we could take home was very generous (and delicious!). I had a wonderful experience! Laura

I must say that I reeaaallllyyy enjoyed the workshop 🙂 I found it very interesting and well organized. The best part was of course the fact that we were allowed to take with us all the chocolate we made! The workshop is definitely something I will recommend to friends. Camille

I think the chocolate workshop was absolutely great! Loved the diverse selection of chocolate and decorating the pralines was especially enjoyable (eating them later even more so). It was interesting to hear all those fun facts about how chocolate is produced and stored and I felt really pampered and lucky to be able to take all that chocolate home. A very nice experience! Ioana