The expo ‘the World of Steve McCurry’ will certainly attract you attention whether you are a fan of photography or not 🙂 Because of the big success, the expo has been prolonged until 20 august! You can visit the expo in the Beurs in the heart of Brussels.
Even if you are not a big photography connoisseur, you will certainly know at least one of his works. The photographer became world-famous for his photo of the little Afghan girl with her intriguing, staring green eyes. After years, he remade the picture of the girl who became a woman. You can see that the energy she had when she was a little girl has changed into a more mature and perhaps less energetic eyes.
During my day off, I decided to take a look and visit the expo. I didn’t regret the fact that I exchanged the bright sun for a visit inside the Beurs building.
When I entered, I immediately noticed the intense colours of his work. Honestly, I was fascinated from the very first minute. The gallery shows over 200 photos that the photographer took during his career. You can see famous pictures, but also some intriguing non-published works.
With an audio-phone, I could hear the storytelling of Steve McCurry. He gave explanations of several portraits, emotions, experiences, and nature sceneries. He visited many parts of the world, so a lot of different cultures and habits are shown in a original and fresh way.
You can visit the expo daily until 7pm, the price is €12 for adults, €6 for students and < 26 years old. More info on the expo website.


Author of the post:
Meredith Geldof is a Flemish girl who moved to Brussels and enjoys exploring the city. She runs the instagram account @ellesbxl together with her sister Josefien. Visit their profile to follow more of their adventures 🙂