Time to get started with the Belgian Pride 2017! Streets of Brussels will once again be filled with partying, acceptance, diversity and love! The theme of the 22nd Belgian Pride Festival is #CrossingBorders, with a focus on ‘Asylum and Migration’. The slogan ‘Crossing Borders’ also puts focus on the experiences of LGBT+ refugees, both in their country of origin and at their arrival in Belgium.

More information on the program

WeLoveBrussels shares with you the selection of photos that our community posted in the last weeks, showing the colorful side of the city, zebra crossings for pedestrians painted in rainbow colors, flags flying on many communal, governmental and EU buildings, street lights showing same-sex couples and many other urban interventions which raised the visibility of the LGBT issues but also contributed to the creative appeal of our city.

If you are planning to attend the Saturday’s parade, take note – this year’s route will be somewhat different than previous years and entrance in some parts of the city centre will be restricted during a few hours of the parade. Four main entrances/exits will be available in the city centre. For more info, check the link in the second part of this article.

Traffic congestion due to Belgian Pride on Saturday 20 May 2017

The Belgian Pride will be held in Brussels on Saturday 20 May 2017. This parade will cause traffic problems in the centre of the city. Public transport is interrupted from noon to 7 pm at the Rue Ravenstein and from 2 pm to 7 pm on the rest of the course.


The course:

  • formation at the Rue Ravenstein (start at 14h30)
  • Rue de Loxum
  • Boulevard de l’Impératrice
  • Rue d’Arenberg
  • Rue de l’Ecuyer
  • Rue des Fripiers
  • Rue de Tabora
  • Rue du Midi
  • Rue du Lombard
  • Place Saint-Jean
  • Rue Dusquesnoy
  • Rue Infante Isabelle
  • Carrefour de l’Europe (end at 17h)

Practical info at City of Brussels website.



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Meanwhile in Brussels… getting rainy and rainbow.

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Rainbow 🌈 #Brussels #brussels #gaypride #soon #gayfriendly

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