WeLoveBrussels receives many messages from people who live in Brussels, but travelers also often share their opinions about things that they see, like or don’t like in Brussels.

We decided to share with you an impressions from Laiza who visited Brussels two times. The first time she had a bad experience and it took her quite some time to decide to go back and visit again. But her second visit was really amazing – she loved everything she experienced and she decided to send us following message:

I was hoping to share with you something that happened to me last weekend.
I was not a Brussels fan, I’ve been there once and unfortunately have met some “not so nice” people.
I carried this thought with me for 2 years.
Last weekend I decided to give Brussels another try and now I totally regret taking so long to do it.
Brussels is amazing, I was treated so well and I cannot believe I could think something bad about this city.
I want to share some pictures I took with this new perspective and as a fan now I can say, love you Brussels!
We are glad that people change perspectives and we are even more happy when more and more people love Brussels! These are the photos from Laiza’s trip, but you can also follow her adventures on Instagram.