WeLoveBrussels shares with you Autumn impressions by our photographer Aris Setya. He will be regularly contributing to our magazine with his photo stories, always looking for the interesting streets, water reflections after the rain, or simply snapping a cool urban moment. Aris is an Indonesian photographer who lives in Brussels and enjoys exploring the city. To follow his work, check the instagram account @aris.setya.

I came from the country that only has two seasons. I really didn’t know what summer, autumn, winter or spring is, until I came to Brussels! My favorite seasons are definitely autumn and winter. Wonder why? Take a look at my photos… I have never seen the trees changing the colors in that way and yes, I have never seen the snow falling! October is my favorite month and photos you see are the result of my daily Brussels explorations.

I walked around the city to see what happens in the fall and I was amazed how beautiful parks can be in this period.  If you want to suggest any interesting areas of Brussels that I should explore more, get in touch with me via instagram 🙂