We can never get too much of positive news and reasons to visit capital of Europe! We were contacted by Jessica who runs a food, travel & lifestyle blog “La Vida Bonita”. She recently published an article about our city and proudly told us “I love Brussels too!” 🙂

Belgium is known to be the land of waffles, chocolate, beer and frites. Brussels, is one of Europe`s unexpected hotspots. The Belgian capital is a free spirited, dynamic and multicultural metropolis – Find the heartbeat of Europe in Brussels.

We particularly liked her impression that Brussels is one of the best places in Europe to be a young creative. “Relatively low rents and large number of galleries have shaped a vibrant community for artists.” wrote Jessica on her blog.

To read Jessica’s 10 reasons why people should visit a “metropolis at the heartbeat of Europe”, please visit her blog La Vida Bonita

In case you missed it, we also recently published a related article by Brussels’ photographer Xenia who gave her best reasons to visit Brussels.