If you have ever been to Brussels, you would know that the city has a unique feel. Being the capital of Art Nouveau architecture plays a large role in making Brussels special. When I moved from the States in Fall 2014, I started to discover my new environment and the eclectic elements that came along with it. That meant for more excitement-filled and adventurous urban discovery as no street looked the same, unlike Paris or London.
I realized one thing in particular would constantly catch my eye: doors.

Whether it is color, texture, design, or simply an interesting appearance, I started to document them. I wanted to share the doors with others who could also appreciate what is around them with an easy, accessible platform: Instagram. That is how Doors of Brussels was born.

In the coming weeks, my project is to portray the beauty that Brussels has to offer, door by door, street by street, and commune by commune.

The following are a selection of my favorite doors in the Brussels centre and Saint-Gilles.

Text and pictures by Toutia, an American “portephile” in Brussels. To discover more about her quest for unique and beautiful doors in Brussels, follow her Instagram account.

To make it more fun for the interested readers, we will not disclose the exact addresses of the doors but you can get in touch with the author of this blog on her Instagram profile for more details 🙂