Mansion Global writes that Uccle area attracts “well-to-do Belgians, diplomats and French expats”. Whenever Brussels appears in the international press, we take notice and it is always nice to read some of the positive stories which enhance the overall image of the city.

A magazine that deals with luxurious real estate projects brings an article about Uccle, explaining the quality of life that one can experience in this Brussels commune. Report claims that the “commune” of Uccle “feels like a country village, yet it’s just a few minutes’ drive from downtown and the headquarters of the European Union”.

The green areas are emphasized – the commune stretches along two enormous parks—the half-square-mile Bois de la Cambre, which abuts the 20-square-mile Forêt des Soignes. Within the neighborhood, the spacious villas are often hidden from view on large, wooded plots.

Popularity with French expats

It is very well known that the commune of Uccle hosts a large population of French expats. The report explains that this is due to high-quality housing (for far lower prices than Paris), existence of a French school, or Lycée Français, and an easy access to the high-speed train that connects to Paris in under an hour and a half. Uccle has many international residents but French expats are the biggest group, making up one-third of non-Belgian inhabitants, concludes the article.

To read the whole story which brings many information on the commune of Uccle and its interesting properties, head to Global Mansion website.