The Pint of Science festival comes to Brussels from 14th to 16th of May. It is an innovative way of engaging people with science while spending time in a relaxed atmosphere of a pub.

What is better than a science café? Tons of science cafés, celebrating science all around the world at the same time! This May, the world’s largest science festival comes to Belgium for the first time with the aim to bring the best of Belgian science, delivered directly at a local bar in different Belgian cities. The festival will cover a variety of themes: Beautiful Mind, Atoms to Galaxies, Our Body, Planet Earth, Tech Me Out, Our Society…  Organizers invited the public to come, learn and talk about science and have a drink with the team! No prior knowledge required!

Programme for Brussels:
– Planet Earth at Halles Saint Géry
– Beautiful Mind at Jester
– Atoms to Galaxies at The Sister Cafe
– Our Body at Grimbergen Cafe

For more information about the festival, you can visit

Tickets and programme are available on the website. The ticket price is 3 EUR per event or 7,5 EUR for 3 events.