Street art and graffitis are part of the urban fabric. Living in big cities is just unimaginable without one or the other form of art. Art on the street, often created by unknown artists is something that sparks our imagination, makes us wonder and sometimes even question things around us.

Take a look at the new youtube video about street art in Brussels – created by the vlogger Travel on Fire who explored the interesting and hidden street art in our city. He claims that street art is not there to make our cities look trendy, cool and hip, but to also share certain messages about living in cities.

Walking around Brussels is like walking in the open air gallery and you don’t have to pay the entrance fee.

So, why are there so many murals everywhere in town? Author of the video believes that street art-friendly culture department in Brussels city council has a part to play in it. The city also invests in hosting street artists and commissions some of the larger works. This sometimes creates a ‘clash’ with the artists from the local scene who don’t like the top-down approach to street art and would prefer that street art scene reflects only the authentic content without the city-planned and commissioned works.

So what is the message of street art? “Reclaim the streets, take part in shaping the streets form since they don’t belong only to companies or city councils but to all of the people” believes the author of the video.