KVS (Royal Flemish Theatre) announced the new season with a great party which invited their audience, neighbors and everyone interested to discover the program for 2018/2019. KVS is a true embodiment of the “City Theatre” – it has both a historical, authentic and beautifully restored (Renaissance Flemish style) building on Lakensestraat/Rue de Laeken, plus the new and modern building, located next door at Arduinkaai/Quai aux Pierres de Taille.

KVS’s programme is multi-faceted with diverse, multi-lingual and exciting approach, from new KVS productions to collaborations, local and international guest performances, theatre, dance, music, film, literature, debates…even parties!

Some of our favorites for this season are: L’Homme de La Mancha, TrapTown, It’s going to get worse and worse and worse, my friend, My revolution is better than yours, Nele Needs A Holiday: the musical, BigMouth

And then we also recommend:
– the urban walk (note: only if you speak NL & FR) called Two homes, one guide: Brel. This will give you a chance to be led by a very special guide who shares the love for the city and for Jacques Brel. In honour of the season opener L’Homme de La Mancha KVS, in cooperation with FMDO, is organising walking tours. After the walk you are delivered to the theatre in time for the performance and fully ready for the musical!
– MINDBLOWERS 2018 (lecture performance in collaboration with VUB) with powerful interventions at the crossroads of arts, culture, research and reflection. At the intersection of activism, ‘artivism’ and academia.

© Photos from the KVS opening party by Tom Bruelemans