We continue our series of interviews with creative people in Brussels. Last week, we had a chat with magoutte in Flamingo cafe in Rue Laeken and we discussed about cool items that he creates as well as about other stuff which make his life enjoyable in Brussels.

1. How do you describe yourself – are you an artist, one of the so-called ‘creatives’, a young entrepreneur or you prefer some other ‘title’ ? 🙂

I’m still figuring out. Haha. Some would say an artist, some would say a creator. At this point I would consider myself a dreamer.

2. How did you decide to become a creator? Was this something you always wanted to do, was it a ‘demand’ from your family/friends or there was some kind of Aha! moment which inspired you to focus on your artistic work?

I didn’t really decide anything to be honest. Long story short, I use to be very creative in my childhood, mainly drawing all the time. When I started Mechanical engineering at ULB, without knowing it I’ve completely closed that part of me. About 4 years after my studies I travelled alone for several months, in Oceania mainly. During that experience 2 main things have happened. I started to draw again, and I discovered an unexpected love for my home country, city, Belgium, Brussels. I quickly made a “I Love Brussels” hoodie which followed me during my travel.
Since I’ve opened that box I understood it was and remains a starving one. So I must constantly feed it.

3. People love your creations, your Instagram page receives a lot of positive feedback. Why are your products different?

I cannot answer for others, but to me the uniqueness is key. You won’t see your piece on someone else and that’s priceless to me. This is due to two reasons. The first one is the painting process as I mainly use chopsticks and toothpicks, no brushes allowed! The second one is because I’m usually reluctant to paint twice the same. For some designs I do allow the same to be ordered but I’ll always push to change something so even the same designs are not really “the same” 🙂
Additionally, my “work” is continuously evolving. I see it as a journey where I am a passenger, just like all of you. I don’t know where it’s going to take us but I definitely advise to step in!

4. Motives you use are often coming from nature – flamingos, butterflies, toucans etc. What is your main inspiration?

Life in its entirety is my inspiration. Everything, everywhere is a potential source of inspiration if you pay attention. The sky, the architecture, animals, plants, insects, shapes, lines, you name it. I’m a traveler, a nature lover and an observer in general, inspiration is limitless.

5. It seems that you are really enjoying what you do, but still – tell us what is the ideal situation in which you want to find yourself in 2 or 3 years?

That’s the kind of question I would get in an interview process. I’ve never liked those type of questions. Haha. However this time I can answer simply and honestly – the only thing I hope is that I’ll be happy! What would contribute to my happiness would be that everything I create finds a home.

Unique WeLoveBrussels sweater by magoutte!

6. We love Brussels and we know you do too! So, what do you find interesting and inspiring in our city? Also, is there anything you would like to change?

What I love most is its architecture and multiculturalism. It’s greatly inspiring and entertaining to be surrounded by different languages and cultures.
Besides that, I love Brussels because it doesn’t make any sense 🙂 It’s an absurd city where everything needs to be changed and/or improved. But my love for it actually lays in those imperfections. So I wouldn’t force any change. From all cities in Belgium I think Brussels represents best the Belgian surrealism so I’ll just content myself to observe its evolution!

Want to discover more of magoutte creations?  Get in touch with him for your own unique piece or follow him on social media to stay inspired with new designs:

Instagram: @mynameisgoutte
Facebook: mynameisgoutte
Online shop: www.etsy.com/shop/mynameisgoutte
Shop: L’Open Store, Avenue de la Chasse 190, 1040 Etterbeek
Contact: mynameisgoutte@gmail.com