Traditional Brussels bar called “A la Mort Subite” is very well known to both locals and tourists. But how did this place became so popular and how did it get its name? 🙂

Authenticity and good location (proximity of Grand Place and Royal Galleries) have made it a hub for all beer lovers but also curious tourists who want to get a glimpse of local Brussels atmosphere and see the original decoration from 1928.

The name of the bar was given by its owner – Mr Theophile Vossen, who at the time run a place called “La cour royale”. Interestingly, a lot of his customers played a game called “421” (they were employees at the nearby National Bank of Belgium). The story says that they played one game just before heading back to work and the person who loses was called “Mort subite” which means sudden death. Thanks to the popularity of the game, the name became quickly known and the owner T. Vossen renamed the pub into “A la mort subite”. The place is still run by the Vossen family!

Tip: Try the authentic Gueuze beer and enjoy local atmosphere!

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