Manneken Pis Big Book – is the new book presenting Belgium’s most famous little man from another perspective.

The statue is the undeniable symbol of Brussels but so many questions remain unanswered – how is it possible that such a statue has so much fame? We should bear in mind several things –  Manneken-Pis souvenirs, statues, postcards and key holders are everywhere. The statue also became a representative of the spirit and the humor of Brussels, even if some commentators call it dissapointing for tourists. Some even go that far to say it’s “the biggest tourist scam”! Controversy follows the little man…

Manneken Pis’ Big Book is a pretty and smart book – a graphic look with short and funny texts which helps to better understand this weird symbol of our city. Authors say it has “all-in-one” authors: Kroll, Monk, Geluck, Vizorek, Sttellla, Magritte, queen Fabiola… the cream of Belgian people gathered in one book by means of quotes and contributions. The book is available in 3 languages (EN-FR-NL) and costs 12€ which makes it a very attractive gift for anyone who likes giving/receiving authentic & Brussels-inspired presents.

Why create such a book?
Manneken Pis is not just a statue and not just a tourist ‘attraction’. After the terrorist attacks, Belgian people decided to stay united and spread their positivity – dozens of caricatures circulated widely and most of them had the same symbol: a peeing little boy with a bare navel.

For many people, Manneken Pis even represented a symbol for liberty. But this is just one aspect… Self-mockery, resistance, humility, surrealism… What if this touristic UFO was the monument that best represents Brussels?

In this book your will find 69 pages that will help you to better understand the meaning of Brussels’ most famous rebel… and to finally get the joke!  The book was issued by Nurtantio Projects asbl and was supported by the Brussels-Capital Region and the French Community Commission (COCOF).
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