Can we use Augmented Reality to create meaningful experiences with and within the urban space? Will urban transport be smarter and safer? Not sure what augmented reality is? Remember the game Pokemon Go or the Google glasses? Well, that’s what it is – a reality which is ‘improved’ or ‘complemented’ with additional features and extra information about things that you see, it changes the way you experience the world around you.

The increased diffusion of immersive technologies holds the potential to form new, multilayered, experiential opportunities. What might happen when urban clusters add augmented platforms into their (already complex) ecosystem?

We follow closely all the ideas that can inspire Brussels to stay on top of the global developments. Virtual and augmented reality are more and more popular in the world of technology but urban development is also catching up and increasingly using these technologies. Amsterdam’s Pakhuis De Zwijgerย held an event with experts in the field of urban design and Augmented Reality (AR), in order to explore the potential of creating immersive experiences within public and private spaces, discussing its value-creation and challenges. We believe that these ideas should also be explored in Brussels and we are looking forward to hear from our community for any existing initiatives and people who are working on them.

In the meantime, we share a few interesting links and videos that can inspire you to discover more about the topic.

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