We are starting a new category on WeLoveBrussels called Why? and signalisation is our first topic! The goal of But why? is to share all the things that we don’t like in the city and want to change for the better. Sometimes it is the trash on the street, sometimes it is a bad signalisation on the sidewalk. Often it is an old facade of a beautiful building which needs refurbishment and at times it is a funny, strange and bizarre solution for some of the urban problems.

Whatever the case, whatever the reason, we all want to improve Brussels and make it better, nicer, cleaner, safer and happier place to live. Now it’s your turn – send us your photos, write to us with your ideas and stories and we will try to share some of them in our collection of But why Brussels articles.

For the first article, we decided to share signalisation solutions (from Ixelles to Saint Josse) that were posted by Twitter users. Amazing! 🙂

Head photo: Bernardo Rodrigues / Twitter

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