One of our missions (and passions!) is to share nice and positive stories about Brussels. Antonio Mostrato is a photographer from Naples who recently visited our city and shared his impressions of places that he discovered. Here are some of the photos and comments that he made while wandering around the town ๐Ÿ™‚

The Brussels Palace of Justice is a large building built between 1866 and 1883. It is the largest building of the genre in the world, today is the seat of the Court of Justice of Belgium. The building is visible from every corner of the city, the entrance is free, it is also open on Mondays and is easy to get lost once you get inside. There are security controls to overcome for you to access, you can easily get to some classroom with ongoing hearings! The building has two floors and a basement, all areas accessible to the public. Only the Grand Place can compete with the beauty of this building. Seeing it should be one of the priorities of any tourist, and not to enter the palace, is to miss the visit of one of the leading jewels in Europe.

Go to the Royal Palace before returning to the Grand Place for dinner! I was able to visit as you can only do so when the Royal family is the summer home for the holidays.

The Rue de la Rรฉgence is one of the main streets in Brussels, dominated in every point by the majestic Palais de Justice. Magnificent!

Just arrived and immediately dive into the streets and lanes of this city, we have the obvious feeling that this place will astonish us.

We arrived in the beautiful Place Royal and before we arrive from Pasqualino for a first Waffle of a long series, we first opt for a visit to the Magritte Museum.

As we walk toward the Magritte Museum, we see the cathedral of Saints Michele and Gudula, the main catholic worship site in Brussels, though the Sacred Heart Basilica, which I will show you later, has a much larger dimension.

As soon as you leave the Magritte museum, as we devour the Paqualino Waffle one of the many vans in the city, we see a peculiarity of Brussels. Street art!

A short stop in front of this museum window where we can see the basilica of the sacred heart and the lighter on the right is the Beffroi of the Brussels City Hall, located on the Grand Place, is the most beautiful civic tower in the world, high 96 mt has earned the Tour Inimitable title.

We go to the first European shopping mall built between 1846 and 1847. This is a class shopping that is worth a trip.

Antonio is entangled in the disappointments and stillness of everyday life. He decided to shake up and throw himself inside something he had never done, to travel and capture the moments of happiness and amazement that he had not felt since he was a child, the wonder of discovery.

Traveling and discovering new places, flavors, smells and sensations is the thing that makes him feel alive. ย With his shots he hopes to convey a small part of what he has experienced in those moments, encouraging as many people as possible to choose the traveling as the way of discovering the world.

To learn more about Antonio and follow his other adventures, check out his Instagram or Facebook page.