As two Flemish girls, Josefien (27) and Meredith (25), coming from the Far West of Belgium, we like to enjoy and ‘spit out’ new and the classical places in Brussels. Two years ago, we moved into Brussels to live here. And yes, we are still exploring and enjoying this intriguing, twisted, amazing, eclectic, international minded and sometimes a bit surrealistic city.

This Saturday my sister and me got up early to start our day with a ‘Bourgondian’ breakfast in the heart of Brussels. We arrived in this cosy place, enjoying our foods and listening to the background classical music to wake up in a relaxed mood. There were a lot of newspapers available that we checked out. After enjoying this early meal (cappuccino, tea,fresh orange juice, some ‘Viennoiseries’ and a egg) we had a short but powerful walk in Brussels.

We went for the ‘classical walk’ and went to ‘The Beurs’. We are always astonished that there is so often something to do. You see often dancing people popping out, or people who are singing. If you want to check out new bands, you can go there because there is often a new band playing in order to promote their music. Sometimes there are just people who like to freestyle of show some tricks, hoping to get a bit ‘sponsored’ 😉
Currently there is also an expo inside the Beurs by the famous photographer Steve McCurry, something that we won’t miss.

Before noon, we enjoyed the morning light at the Grote Markt/Grand Place. Although we are already living some years in Brussels, we are always impressed with the beautiful view and golden buildings of the Market.

In the coming months, we invite you to explore several interesting places in Brussels with us! We hope you will enjoy it and feel free to share your comments on our Instagram page 🙂

Josefien and Meredith are two sisters living in Brussels and running the instagram profile @ellesbxl