Newcomers often face dilemmas about different neighbourhoods or types of properties that they want to rent or buy in their new hometown. Luckily, these decisions can be facilitated with good advice and experience from experts or simply by talking to people who have had their ‘fair share’ of living in Brussels bubble and who can give their honest opinion about the good, the bad and the best in town!

Our goal is to provide all the relevant information for people interested in renting or buying a real estate in Brussels – advice, property rules, tips and things to be careful about. We will be publishing new information every month and sharing with you links from other websites that offer valuable tips on any of the related topics. For the beginning, we share with you a list of articles made by Expatica, a specialized site with information for expats. We will gradually add more information relevant both to locals and expats.

Our Guide to Cosy Homes 

How cool would it be to have a survey of everything you need to find the perfect residence you dream about? From new and modern to authentic and historical buildings and designs, we will introduce you to interesting projects and people who can help you to find your cosy paradise in Brussels region. We want to offer you simplicity, inspiration and practical info, focusing on increased quality of city life.

Renting in Brussels

All the basic information you need to find and rent a property in Brussels, and choose which neighborhood to live in Brussels.

Buying a property in Belgium

Property for sale in Belgium tends to be cheaper than nearby countries but home-buyers should be aware of the high property transaction costs and market rules before buying a Belgian property.

Where to live in Belgium

Living in Brussels is common, but there are many picturesque Belgian cities and communes to live in Belgium, such as Antwerp, Ghent, Tervuren or Waterloo.

Best Brussels neighbourhoods: Where to stay in Brussels

Where is the best place to stay in Brussels? Read this guide to Brussels’ neighbourhoods, from Brussels’ bustling centre to Uccle’s green areas, to find where to stay in Brussels.

Housing in Belgium: Know the basics

A guide on what to expect when moving to Belgium, and information on whether you should rent or buy a property in Belgium.

Tips for buying real estate in Belgium

Before you buy property in Belgium, find out the quirks of the Belgian property market to avoid any pitfalls.

Glossary of Belgian housing terms

Learn the difference between an ‘appartement’ and a ‘flat’, or a ‘maison bourgeoise’ and a ‘maison de maître’, with this glossary of Belgian housing terms.

Renting a property in Belgium and your tenant rights

Tenants generally have flexibility to renovate the house they rent in Belgium, which typically come unfurnished. Here’s a guide to your rights when renting in Belgium.