When we started in October 2014, there were no real bottom-up initiatives which used community-focused approach to spread and inspire love for Brussels. Only a few people used #welovebrussels hashtag. Now we celebrate 3 years of successful work and the numbers that we created are stunning. More than 50.000 followers across different platforms (community of almost 30.000+ on Instagram!). Instead of doing the talk, we walk you through the numbers and pure statistics from the social media.

Latest***  Politico Europe’s most popular news briefing mentioned WeLoveBrussels as a great idea and great account to follow. Flaire magazine wrote that our mission is to share what people in Brussels love in their city. Two years ago, DataNews listed us as one of the most popular Instagram accounts in Belgium.

Examples from our social media activities – the power of numbers

Facebook – more than 15.000 fans and more than 90.000 people talk about #welovebrussels on this social network.


Our weekly reach on Facebook is 37.000 people.  Most of our posts get between 2000 and 8000 views and between 100 and 250 likes per post.

WLB FB stats

On Twitter, @welovebrussels is one of the most popular Brussels-related accounts with more than 7.000 followers.

hashtagify list brussels

Our tweets are regularly shared by many people, and get between 2000 and 5000 views. Our record tweet scored 27.000 views!


On Instagram, more than 86.000 photos are posted with #welovebrussels hashtag since the launch of our initiative in October 2014. Before that, the hashtag was virtually non-existant.

On Instagram, we have posted 2.000 photos, and on average we get 600-1100 likes per photo. More than 29.000 people follow our account!   Our most liked photos received between 1500 and 2500 likes.

Viber – one of the most popular instant messaging apps has opened Public Chats options and WeLoveBrussels is the first Public Chat in Belgium. Our chat has already 6.000 subscribers! More at: http://www.viber.com/welovebrussels