Our partnerships are successful because we share common goals for making Brussels a better place.

WeLoveBrussels is home to a growing community of residents, expats, tourists and commuters in Brussels. We are one of the most popular urban communication platforms in the city. Our mission is simple - we want to inspire the city! We accomplish this by connecting people, organizations and companies in their love and appreciation for beautiful and positive things in our city.

In order to ensure long-term sustainability of our platform, we are open to partnerships with selected institutions, companies and organizations who share our vision and enthusiasm for Brussels. Our partners understand that engaging proactive, creative and culturally aware audience is vital for the success of the city and all involved stakeholders. Our team can also provide the advisory expertise, research, and marketing intelligence to implement effective strategies for growth in the creative and urban age.

Explore the ways you can bring WeLoveBrussels closer to your mission and your targeted audience, and reach out to the city and its inhabitants to introduce new experiences, happenings, and perspectives. Together we are building the city we love.

Become our supporter, demand our media kit or drop us a line at contact@welovebrussels.org