Have you heard of Marc Sleen and his museum in Brussels? In the unique setting of a former newspaper office, the Marc Sleen Museum offers a view on the many facets of the exceptional work of an outstanding storyteller, a master comic strip artist and a brilliant cartoonist.

The standing exhibition includes several exhibitions about the life and works of Marc Sleen. Even if Nibbs is Sleen’s uncontested success series, less known comics like Oktaaf Keunink, De Lustige Kapoentjes and Piet Fluwijn en Bolleke are also treated in detail. In conclusion three themes of his work are elaborated: safari, political cartoons and Tour de France.

The Museum has been set up by the Marc Sleen Foundation, which aims to protect the work and memory of Marc Sleen, and endeavors to make his work known to as vast an audience as possible. In a reading corner visitors can get acquainted with the comics of Marc Sleen in several languages and they can consult secondary literature as well.

The Foundation also keeps an archive of more than 15.000 original drawings of Marc Sleen. Throughout the year a selection of these originals is presented in the Gallery of the museum.

The Marc Sleen Foundation opened in 2009 in Rue des Sables, where Nibbs first saw the light. The setting counts as a symbolic return home.

More info at the website of the museum.
Photos: Geert Geenen / Twitter