Street art by Jef Aerosol

This is the photo of street art, made by Jef Aerosol in de Marollen district of Brussels.

Jef Aérosol is the pseudonym of Jean-François Perroy (born January 15, 1957), a French stencil graffiti artist. He has been an urban art proponent in France since 1982, and is a contemporary of Blek le Rat and Speedy Graphito. Aérosol was born in Nantes in 1957. He spray painted his first stencil in 1982, in Tours, and has been living in Lille since 1984. He has left his works on the walls of many cities and Brussels is proudly on the list.

Th photo was shared with us by Geert Geenen on Twitter. To learn more about the artist, visit his Wikipedia page.