New mobility services are constantly on the rise. From electric buses, bike-sharing platforms to innovative car sharing options, Brussels is experiencing a major change.  We often write about urban mobility trends and we support all the new initiatives which make our city cleaner, healthier and easier to navigate.

DriveNow is one of the most successful initiatives that follows this vision, a popular car sharing system which we loved from the beginning. Last year we wrote about our experience of using their cars around Brussels, but that was a time when not a lot of people realized what were the benefits of ‘car-sharing’ for urban mobility. And here we are, just one year later: DriveNow cars are everywhere in the city and we hear only positive experiences from people who use it.

Why is this car-sharing becoming so popular?

More and more people in cities understand the burden of owning a vehicle. In many cases using a car to get from point A to point B in Brussels is the most convenient and preferred option but it’s not always an easy one. Let’s say you need to do some shopping on the other side of the city, or at night you want to party and driving is not an option afterwards. It could be any of these reasons really, but clearly a lot of urban dwellers don’t own a car, and yet they don’t feel the need to make an effort to rent a car when they need to drive around the city. Not to mention that in all of these cases (even with your own car) you have the usual issues – paying for the parking, re-filling the gas etc…  DriveNow simply solves all of this:

– 310 of the latest MINI and BMW models are positioned all over the city. The cars are ready to get you around Brussels quickly and easily.

– Using DriveNow car is easier than renting a car. You can just find a vehicle near you (via the app) and reserve it. Once you are 20 meters away from the car you will be able to unlock it with the DriveNow app. Hop in the car, enter your PIN number (to verify that it is you) then push the start button and off you go. No key is needed (use the app as the key).  

– No parking problems! Drive where you want in or around Brussels and just park the car in any city parking in the Brussels business area

– This is also the best way to reach the Brussels Airport! You can drive to and from Brussels airport with a DriveNow car.

– You love changing cars and enjoying the city in style? One day a MINI, the other day an Electric BMW i3? Depending on the situation or your mood, opt for your preferred model.

– The DriveNow rate of 33 cents per minute* lets you stay fully flexible. Refueling and charging, parking, car tax and insurance are all included with the low per minute rate. There are no any additional annual or monthly fees.

– It’s really easy to join. Simply register, download the app – and start driving! 

Car-sharing is part of a wider social trend in which customers prefer to share certain items with each other rather than own them. Smartphones make this possible, allowing individuals to move around the city in a smart, efficient, clean and cool way.

One of the things people find attractive about DriveNow is that they have the car essentially wherever and whenever they want one. Better yet, they use the car for as long as they need it, and once it’s parked they don’t have to worry about it. Cars can be returned to almost any street parking in the business area, so no need to go to specific drop-off locations.

Many studies show that car-share services are good for the city, both for the environment and for reducing personal budgets of the consumers. Car sharing is also transforming the relationship between people and cars because it significantly reduces the space dedicated to parking, eliminates the need to be responsible for a car when you’re not using it, reduces congestion in the city and hopefully curbs the pollution, which is one of the major problems in cities like Brussels.

We hope that this article makes you think about your mobility options in Brussels. For those of you who are interested, DriveNow has a special offer for WeLoveBrussels community:

You can sign-up for DriveNow membership free of charge (instead of 29€) + get 20 free minutes!
Don’t miss this offer with a total value of 37 € !

To get inspired, read our previous experience of using DriveNow. Please share with us your experiences!

Photos: David Ulrich