We simply love the positive attention about Brussels! Maybe you missed the news but New York Times has once again praised the Belgian capital as a place where “you will find plenty of avant-garde art, vintage wares, and daring cuisine and cocktails.” NYT also suggest everyone in doubt to ‘give a second look’ to our city.

“There is literally nothing to do here,” the British musician Noel Gallagher once said of Brussels, that hotbed of policy directives. He was hardly the first. Around Europe, the Belgian capital and headquarters of many European Union institutions is not especially known for its rock ’n’ roll spirit. But Mr. Gallagher — and many of us — should give Brussels a closer look. Clearly he didn’t have a chance to admire the graffiti, avant-garde installations or conceptual creations in the city’s new art spaces. Or shop for vintage items in the many retro and antique boutiques. Or taste the innovative dishes in the city’s neo-Belgian and Belgian-fusion restaurants. Or knock back fine-tuned cocktails at one of the upstart liquor bars.

We recommend you to check the full article with New York Times recommendations on how to spend 36 hours in Brussels and you can also read our piece about Brussels as the capital of street art.