As part of the Pride Week 2017 in Brussels, Commonplaces and le Collectionneur Moderne are pleased to invite you to the preview of the exhibition Beyond the Body on Friday, May 12th, 2017 at 6:30 pm at 10 Galerie de la Reine in Brussels.

Through their photographs, Christophe Hennuy, Hélène Rase and Hamid Blad invites us to take a reflexive journey at the heart of relationships between bodies and genders. Over time, the body has been objectified, named, qualified. A common and binary thought has spread, dividing it into two main categories: man and woman. Those gender poles have been the starting point of many beliefs, still rooted today in our daily lives and our way of thinking. Gradually, those categories have become norms that shape our relationship to the world. We self-construct our gendered perception of the world by reproducing the normative injunctions that happen in our society. It is time to deconstruct our ways of thinking, to renounce binarity, in order to better understand the human in its diversity and its richness.

This exhibition is organized with the kind support of the Cellule Egalité des Chances et Diversité of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Exhibition from 11th to 17th May 2017.
Everyday from 1 pm to 6 pm.
Free entrance.

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