In case you missed it, the latest Critical Mass Brussels was held on 31st of March. The idea – cyclists from all walks of life gathering in the same place at the same time and riding together in order to raise their visibility and improve the overall safety for the bikers. As organizers say, Critical Mass Brussels is a ‘manifestive’ bike tour, every last Friday of the month. The participants meet at 18:00 at Porte de Namur. For more details follow their Facebook page. For all those interested, we share below a few videos from the latest ride around the city!

Critical Mass Brussels

Geplaatst door Edoardo Luppari op vrijdag 31 maart 2017

The moment of arrival at Molenbeek:

Arrivée au Brass'Art de la Critical Mass à Molenbeek

Magnifique moment d'invasion urbaine Critical Mass Brussels

Geplaatst door Tchoum op zaterdag 1 april 2017


Head photo: Kwinten Lambrecht