Strange lights and illuminations in the canal zone? Yes, the banks of the Brussels canal get a change of scenery between 2nd and 5th February 2017. The Bright Brussels Festival will illuminate the canal district with original light installations and magical light show.

The Bright Brussels Winter has been illuminating the area around Brussels’ inner ring road since 2 December. Today it’s the Quai des Péniches’ turn to dress itself up in lights thanks to 10 majestic pieces and the light parade that animates them. Artists and collectives from Belgium and abroad will offer visitors a wonderful chance to discover the neighbourhood from a different perspective. Passers-by can admire an illuminated floating installation or giant structures inspired by organic curves. The Bright Brussels Festival also has a collaboration with the Citizen Lights Festival of Schaerbeek. A free shuttle will commute between the two events on the 2, 3 and 4th of February. More info at Visit.Brussels website.