For Boro Milovic, the founder and the curator of WeLoveBrussels, Brussels is a modern melting pot. It is an ever changing world of young and talented artists, busy politicians, confused diplomats and progressive minds who blend together into this unique city. The city itself is also an interesting mosaic of neighborhoods – some run down, and some polished and glossy. Since 2014 WeLoveBrussels started offering alternative ways of seeing this city.

It is simple. Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the capital of the European Union. It is also a beautiful place, full of life, history, good food and great people. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why Brussels is often under-appreciated and under-respected.

Boro spoke to Europolitan Trends about development of WeLoveBrussels, social media world, city branding and other stuff close to his heart. To read the full interview on Why WeLoveBrussels & More head to Europolitan Trends website.