As passionate followers of the Brussels urban and creative scene, we were happy to discover a project called ‘Faces of Brussels’. It’s a blog that is run by two ladies – Sibylle Stelljes who writes stories, and a photographer Christine Rogge. This is their story:

We started our blog right after the terrorist attacks in March 2016 and it was and still is of great importance to us to draw a positive picture of the people living in Brussels. So, one could say that this blog is really about the true „melange“ of Brussels people. It’s about all the differences which are united by the people who live in the same space and still experience the same fears, hopes and expectations in life. What we enjoy the most is that we get in touch with Brussels people outside of the “European Bubble” and that we meet townspeople who are deeply connected with the city.

What brought us together – in a French class here in Brussels – besides sympathies and friendship is that we both are very interested in the person opposite and that we care about people’s stories. We share a strong interest in making people visible, by telling their stories and showing their faces to the world. That way we perfectly combine our strengths and come up, as we think, with a beautiful result.

To discover their project, visit their blog Faces of Brussels. We are excited to announce that Sibylle and Christine will also regularly contribute to our magazine with their favourite photos and stories. We can’t wait to share them with the #welovebrussels community!