Brussels is a very vibrant city offering great possibilities for an authentic stag/bachelor weekend. Apart from a perfect location and an easy access, it is a city full of contrasts, abundant with historic pubs, fun bars, beautiful architecture and charming cobblestone streets. Thus, it is a great place for a relaxing and fun weekend with friends. Beer aficionados will especially appreciate thousand of choices of great Belgian beer. Brussels is not only the great place for pub crawling and bar hopping, it’s a city with a lot of history. A weekend in Brussels will offer you a chance to play, discover and have fun while immersing in medieval and modern activities.

Below are some of the great ideas for organizing a memorable stag weekend in Brussels. Most of these activities can be combined and you can have fun during the whole weekend!

Shooting with the cross-bow in the ancient royal guild

It’s an awesome experience in a unique venue, which is usually closed to public. You will get a lesson from experienced members of the crossbow shooting guild. Guys will simply love this activity and feel like they’ve been teleported into the middle-ages. The guild was officially recognised in 1213 by the Duke of Brabant and is intimately linked with the earliest history of Brussels. Program includes initiation, contest and a drink – usually beer. The best shooter receives a souvenir offered by the President of the Guild. (more details)




Pubs & Beers – walk and workshop

Do you want to know where are the best pubs in town? This is the perfect preparation for your own Brussels’ pub crawl. A relaxed walk will give you a chance to discover the most cosy, crazy, classy, shabby and authentic local pubs and bars. After the walk comes the workshop. You will not only taste four different craft beers but you will also learn about monk beers, abbey beers, lagers, amber beers and the different fermentations, reasons for serving beer in customized glasses and much more. (more details)

monk welcome


bar des amis

You will crave the food 

If you and your friends want a total Belgian immersion, then also think of food! You should definitely not miss Belgian specialties like frites, stoemp, moules (mussels), waffles, chocolates and other local stuff! You can choose, a relaxed dinner in a typical local restaurant or an authentic walk with snacks & drinks, where you can taste beers and mix it along with street-food from the best local frites and waffle stands. (more details)

pub down the street 2

Still wondering what’s Brussels like for a stag do? If you want to get more info about having your a stag/bachelor weekend in Brussels, please get in touch with Sterkmans Events, professional organizers of group travel to Brussels since 1998.